Z Vicente Serra

is a experienced digital artist and graphic designer with a huge web design and development background.

José Vicente Freitas Serra | Web Design | Graphic Art | Photography Post Production

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About Me

Experienced Designer / Developer

During my formation in Design by UniverCidade I did a lot of courses as the extention in Marketing&Advertising, Introductuion to Animated Cartoon, beside the softwares courses that where essential for my academic development and for the realizations of my works (academics and professionals).
I did an internship in Senac Editor whitch provides me a good experience about Graphic Production and Desktop Publishing. After that, I dedicated myself doing jobs as a freelancer and start to increase my knowledge about Web Development.
I also did an internship at San Diego Art Institute, after-graduation in Creation for Advertising and an IT Management MBA combining with my job carreer.
Most of my work are creation and development of wesites, graphic arts and post production of photographic compositions.


Some great people I worked with

IBGE: Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistcs, the main provider of data and information in the country

CASA DA MOEDA: Governor company responsible for the manufacture of banknotes, coins and graphics

MARCOPLAN: Marketing agency focused on web and graphic medias

ARTLUZ: Photographic studio for avertisement compositions


What I can do for you

Web Development

Web Design

Graphic Art

Post production

Digital Retoutch

Consulting / Other Area Services


What I am used to do